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Might as Well

2012-07-19 21:28:36 by quillandpaper

I've had this account just sitting here for a while so I figured I should finally start taking advantage of it. I'm working on some stuff to submit now, but I've been pretty lazy about it lately.


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2012-07-24 03:24:01

I dig your art. You should post more here!

quillandpaper responds:

I'm planning on it! :)


2013-05-12 22:37:00

Keep working on your art! I left you a review, and trust me, you're off to a good start. Expect a lot of awkward pieces before getting it right, though. As an artist, it's hard for us to accept that we will fail before we succeed. Godspeed.

quillandpaper responds:

Thank you so much!